Celebrating our Community: Maud the Moth


During the summer of 2016, Maud the moth recorded a live session of some of the songs
included in its sophomore album “The inner wastelands”, at the Reid Concert Hall of
Edinburgh (UK). Listen by clicking on the cover picture above, or here.



I. Ignis fatuus
II. Empires
III. Crossbows
IV. Good morning blackbird

Technical information:

Piano & vocals: Amaya López-Carromero
Drums: Paúl González
Violin: Szymon Podboraczynski

Sound engineering and recording: Thomas Shemeld
Mixing and Mastering: Crispin Anderson

Artwork by Anna Frigati









Maud the Moth was founded in 2010 as the solo project of Amaya López-Carromero.
Hailing from Madrid, Maud the Moth has always been a fluid entity, cycling through
various line-ups and formations, without loosing sight of its fundamental sense of

Beginning with a minimal set up of voice and piano, with the occasional use of a looper,
the project has also dressed up as a trio and duo in the past. Drawing on a wide-ranging
musical background, which includes jazz, classical, avant garde, soul and even some
elements of metal, Maud the Moth carefully combines these disparate elements into a
final product that is always musical, coherent and heartfelt.

With the release of ”Home Futile Home” in 2011 through Nooirax Producciones, Noma
Records and Excellent Records, Maud the Moth caught the attention of the Spanish
specialized music press and the record was showered with praise by the likes of
Mondosonoro, H magazine and the Spanish edition of Rolling Stone magazine to name
but a few. On the back of this, a series of live performances took place across Spain,
Portugal, France and the UK, which is now home to Maud the Moth.

Fast forward to the summer of 2014, when Maud the Moth enters CrispinSound (Little
Dragon, House of Trees) in Gothenburg to record her second full-length album ”The
Inner Wastelands”. A piece of work which is remarkable for both it’s intricacy and it’s
depth of feeling, the album further establishes Maud the Moth’s status as a class act, as
well as one that eschews easy classification.

Amaya currently lives in Edinburgh and has recently recruited Paúl González on drums
and Szymon Podborączyński on violin for most live performances, and is working on a
third full length album.



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