Interview with Sally Mustang


Sally Mustang is an Australian based artist, yogi, traveler and influencer. Her life and works are engrained with her bold sense of creativity and style.

Can you tell us about your work? 

Sure I’m an artist / yoga teacher / writer / model and anything else that comes along 🙂

How do you feel creativity plays a role in the work that you do?  Where do you feel your creativity derives from?

It’s everything really. Every role I take in is an expression of creativity and an opportunity to play and make. my inspiration comes from nature. The divine mother of everything.

How do you engage and attribute the strength of femininity in your life?

I’m always working to have the flow of the feminine in my Life. Dance. Cooking. Laughing. Styling. Painting. Socialising. Swimming. Flowers. Music.

Do you have a mantra or ritual that carries throughout your daily life?

Yeah absolutely. I have morning rituals – mediation, run, yoga, gratefulness, a cup of something warm to start the day.

What are some important lessons or learnings you would like to share with those reading this?

I guess my advice is you create your own reality. Figure out exactly what it is you actually want and go get it. Nothing stopping you 🙂

What do you view as extraordinary?

The sun, the moon , the universe above. The human body. Love.
What are you working on right now?

A sex book
How do your art, yoga, and lifestyle intersect?

It all impacts each other. If my body is happy my mind is happy. Therefore inspired, motivated 🙂
What inspired you to become an adventurer and creative?

I always have been. I never want to know the answer to ‘what will you be doing two years from now ?’

What is the most important thing to you in your life and why?

Love. For all living things. It’s the only super power we have been given.


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