Mother Muse Collective is a space that promotes connectivity, exchange, and community between female creators, free thinkers, and visionaries worldwide, those working both inside and outside of already established artistic and creative norms. We are looking to build a vibrant community of women’s creators who seek to inspire, empower, and collaborate with one another.

The Team

img_4165_4_800Kirra Kimbrell, Co-Founder

Kirra is an artist interested in the the interaction and intersection of the natrual world, humanity and the narratives that drive us. Her process includes photography, drawing, and experimental ideas that seek to create oneness between the works themselves and the elements of the natural world. She seeks to find the chaos of the natural world and understand it through stories, images, and sounds.


img_3243 Rachel King, Co-Founder

Rachel is a documentary photographer and maker. She is an adventurer and traveler and strives to tell the stories of the people and land from wherever the road leads her. Her work is inspired by nature and the connectedness she feels with others as a community, as well as the community with the land around us. Her art is created in the hopes to create an understanding and become the best versions of ourselves.