A Guide to Slowing Down

By Rachel King Crying baby don’t you see? You got a hold on me. Pretty lady, don’t you worry, Life’s just gonna make you hurry. Slow down, slow down, Look at the love we’ve found. Slow down, slow down, Look at the world around you. Feuding brothers, what’s the fuss? Silent sisters hold too much. … Continue reading A Guide to Slowing Down

Interview with Lucia Burrafato

Lucia Burrafato is a Fine Artist currently working on series, Transmute, which explores the limitations of pouring oil paint and the forms it takes within the drying process. Where do you feel your creativity derives from? I find inspiration from a wide variety of sources—from pop culture icons to combing through moods and experience of … Continue reading Interview with Lucia Burrafato

From Here

I don’t recall the day you were born but I remember the space you’ve created every moment since then. Do you remember lying on the linoleum the light from the refrigerator splashing across the tan tiles and onto the sofa bed we shared? The red dirt outside covered our clothes, our hair, our beings, and … Continue reading From Here