Rhode Island

By Rachel King

She sings like the birds,
Calling in the morning.
She stands strong like a tree,
rooted in the ground.
She brings life into the world,
Like the soil beneath her feet.
She speaks to her plants and flowers,
Because she knows they are listening.
She runs wild with the horses,
Because she feels the wind through her hair.
She is as bright as the sun,
And as powerful as the moon.
She is as explosive as the stars,
And as endless as the galaxies.
She is as calm as the sea,
And as vicious as the storms.
She is as determined as the waves,
And as flowing as the foam.
She shares her stories,
With the intent to preserve.
She keeps her traditions alive,
To remember where she came from.
She is unique as one,
And as powerfully part of the pack.
She is a woman in the wild.


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