Who Am I Campaign

The question of self defies all boundaries – cultural, ethnic, national, social – in its relevance and intertwining to our own definitions of our conscious nature and being. This year, during times of global change that have provoked much public thought about the space of women, Mother Muse Co. is employing the question “Who am I?” to encourage our readers to reflect inward on their strength, power, and opulence, their defining characteristics as defined by themselves, and the innermost passions that drive their being. This is a celebration of us, a celebration of you. A rally for the interconnected nature of the feminine but also her vast diversity and the individuality flowing through her. We are many selves, and we are one self.

Collaborate with us – with visuals, sound, movement, meditation, words, sculpture, performance, or any other means you find worthwhile – and share your true self with our community. 

Submissions will be accepted on our Submissions page and will be shared weekly in the Musings section of the site. Our hope is to create a large collaborative project where women are able to express their true selves and identify with their own being in many forms.


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