Love Your Home Journal: Lauren Derman (Mineral Gypsy)


In the spiritual realm; crystals, gems, and minerals have become a source of inspiration for many people around the world; but for me, it has become a culture and way of life. Gems and minerals have enriched my life in more ways than I could have ever imagined, providing healing benefits as well as opportunities to educate, connect and adorn the souls of others.

In 2015 I lost a dear friend to his battle with addiction, but his love for gems, minerals, rock hunting, art and jewelry making was left with me and it inspired me to continue his passion. As a self-taught and longtime jewelry maker, it was then that I became very curious about how to incorporate these gems and minerals into my everyday rituals, by adorning myself and those in my social circle. Once I began wearing these beautiful gems, I quickly became more fascinated with them, I taught myself how to wrap them with wire and thus began my journey as the Mineral Gypsy.

Soon thereafter, my obsession became a reality as I began decorating with them, attending gem shows and often traveling with a few in my pocket. Even if I am thousands of miles away, any place can feel like “home” when I carry the contagious power of gems in minerals wherever I go. Fortunate enough to call beautiful Colorado my actual home, my goal is to inspire others around me with crystal and gem jewelry, create intriguing works of art like crystal mandalas and offer unusual specimens that evoke a sense of spirituality to those who cling to the same kind of energies or are open to receiving it.

While some may see them as just another pretty piece of jewelry or an unusual rock, to me, they are what makes me feel whole, bringing a sense of joy, inner peace and spirituality into my life. A huge source of business and a passion to create unique and one-of-a-kind pieces, they help me to channel my energy into something positive every single day while inspiring others to do the same.

Gems and minerals have connected me to a whole new world of other creators, like minds and beautiful souls who also wish to provide inspiration and beautiful possibilities with others like myself. It is this very element of “home” and energy that fuels my passions, drives my ability to create new designs and helps me to develop relationships and opportunities that may have never existed without my love for the world of consciousness, spirituality, gems, and minerals.

Home is…. Wherever the gems go, wherever you leave your mark and every path you take in life where positive energy exists.


@mineralgypsy on FB and IG




Lauren Derman has a passion for jewelry making, crystals, rocks, gems, minerals and holistic healing. Her supplies are gathered from all over the world and uniquely wrapped, so no two pieces will ever be exactly alike.



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