Love Your Home Journal: Taysa Jorge


When I left the first time my hometown (Canary Islands) to study dance in London… I felt so lonely, I knew it was what I wanted to do and that I had to do it but I couldn’t help miss my “home”, my routines, my family, friends, the places I used to go… I remember, I used to listen to Adele “Hometown Glory” and feel nostalgic even when I was happy living in London.

Some years later of my first experience, exactly eight, and after living in Barcelona and Calgary lastly, I had to come back to my hometown after live outside almost during three years… Then I realised that I miss equally my routines, my friends, the places I used to go from these cities as much as I missed my hometown the first time I left it.

I miss the cold winter mornings in Barcelona, I used to have a coffee in the terrace of a bar, freezing with my scarf and gloves, just to can smoke a cigarrette. I miss the turkish stores close to my house in London where I used to buy turkish sweets or the window of my room in the snowy roof, even I miss equally to wait twenty min for the bus in the middle of nowhere in Calgary, every single day, to get in downtown after almost one hour, my quick coffe from 7 eleven haha and the overwhelming nature in that country.

These past 3 years and 5 months i’ve been living in 7 differents houses, and 4 differents towns, now I’m moving again in my hometown and I’m leaving it again in February/March… All these time I didn’t want to buy too much things for my rented houses because I knew I live in there temporary… So usually they are pretty empty and sometimes I lack of basic things like a scissors hahaha however, people sometimes ask me “do you liked to live here, or there, or here?” And I always answer them “Yes, I made it my home.”

I think I started shooting the series Roads instinctively, I found interesting to shot roads because it can take you to amazing and undiscovered places… what makes sense since one of my passions is to travel… But I realised also it’s very connected to my feeling of belong to nowhere, to those places, persons, memories, experiences that I lived… And also my strong wish to live new ones.

Home is not just where you born, it’s everything wich leave a mark in your heart, and this will go along with you everywhere you go, every “road” you take in life.



Taysa Jorge is a Spanish photographer from Canary Islands. You can see more of her work on her website and Instagram.


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