Interview with Marzia Gamba

Marzia Gamba is an Italian photographer currently based out of Brooklyn, NY. She is the co-founder of SoAM Studio as well as the creator of Begin Magazine.  Can you tell us about your process/work?  I would say that my creative process is a bit like me, thoughtful and impulsive at the same time. I think … Continue reading Interview with Marzia Gamba


Interview with Amaya Lopez-Carromero

Amaya Lopez-Carromero is a musician currently residing in Edinburgh. Her project Maud the Moth began as a solo project in 2010 and through the years has grown and shifted in many ways throughout that time. She has released two full length albums with Maud the Moth as well as a recent EP Live at Reid … Continue reading Interview with Amaya Lopez-Carromero

Love Your Home Journal: Susanne Probst

It’s a walk in the dark, it’s a talk in the morning… In 2011, I took a train from New York City, the mother of all cities very dear to my heart, to San Francisco. I started this journey, without even knowing where this irresistible urge to cross this whole continent came from. The further … Continue reading Love Your Home Journal: Susanne Probst

Love Your Home Journal: Taysa Jorge

  When I left the first time my hometown (Canary Islands) to study dance in London… I felt so lonely, I knew it was what I wanted to do and that I had to do it but I couldn't help miss my "home", my routines, my family, friends, the places I used to go... I … Continue reading Love Your Home Journal: Taysa Jorge