Interview with Marzia Gamba

Marzia Gamba is an Italian photographer currently based out of Brooklyn, NY. She is the co-founder of SoAM Studio as well as the creator of Begin Magazine. 

Can you tell us about your process/work? 

I would say that my creative process is a bit like me, thoughtful and impulsive at the same time. I think a lot about the final image before shooting. I visualize it in every detail, the colors, light, the emotion and feelings behind it. Sometimes it takes months before I’m inspired to pick up my camera. But when I finally vividly see the potential results the process becomes spontaneous, intense and liberating. My work takes different shapes, styles and aesthetics. I specialize in constructed portraits and still life photography, which often is influenced my background in graphic design. My projects can be colorful and funny, or more emotional with a hidden narratives behind it.

Tell us about SoAM and why you created it?

SoAM is a creative photo studio founded in 2015. The vision was to create a community of photographers and offer a physical place where they can find inspiration. Every month for the past three years, we have organized an exhibition for emerging photographers and artists, in order to empower creative minds and encourage collaboration.

How do you feel creativity plays a role in the work that you do?  Where do you feel your creativity derives from? 

Creativity is not just part of my work, I try to use it to make life more fun and adventurous. It’s a way to re-invent yourself everyday. Creativity is playtime for grown ups. We’re all are born with it, we just have to remember to connect with our inner child.

Do you have a mantra or ritual that carries throughout your daily life?

I have many everyday rituals that help me go through my day with good energy and a positive attitude. I practice meditation every morning. I also keep a journal where I list the things I’m grateful for and describe my positive outlook for the coming future. I love to do visual boards. I think it’s very important to imagine what you want in order to achieve it.

What are some important lessons or learnings you would like to share with those reading this?

Love yourself and be kind to yourself.  Trust your intuitions and surround yourself with positive people that elevate you to be the best version of yourself. Don’t let your fears stop you, let them become your strengths. Challenge yourself; it’s the only way to move forward. Be grateful and do what feels right to you. It’s okay to fail, but it’s not okay to quit. You can only do great work if you love what you do.

What do you view as extraordinary?

The inner power of a human being is pretty extraordinary. We can really do anything, if we set our minds to it.

What are you working on right now? 

I’m working on a new series of still life photography titled, ‘I like food better than people’. Also organizing a personal exhibition that will take place in New York City in January. Lastly we are expanding the ‘Begin Magazine’ community events to promote new emerging photographers and artists.


See more of Marzia’s work at:

IG : @marziagmb


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