Interview with Amaya Lopez-Carromero

Amaya Lopez-Carromero is a musician currently residing in Edinburgh. Her project Maud the Moth began as a solo project in 2010 and through the years has grown and shifted in many ways throughout that time. She has released two full length albums with Maud the Moth as well as a recent EP Live at Reid … Continue reading Interview with Amaya Lopez-Carromero


Love Your Home Journal: Susanne Probst

It’s a walk in the dark, it’s a talk in the morning… In 2011, I took a train from New York City, the mother of all cities very dear to my heart, to San Francisco. I started this journey, without even knowing where this irresistible urge to cross this whole continent came from. The further … Continue reading Love Your Home Journal: Susanne Probst

Love Your Home Journal: Sam Parlato

September 19-29 2017 Barcelona & El Perello, Spain Home. What is the definition of home? What does the word home mean to you? I am currently in flight, sitting next to my boyfriend, Jimmy, coming back from Spain to New York...where we live, so we might call that home. Neither of us had ever been … Continue reading Love Your Home Journal: Sam Parlato

Interview with Maria Romero

  Can you tell us about your process/work?  This is my first textile work I have done on my own; it’s been a roller coaster. Everything starts with something that I want to study, to go deep into, something that will keep me awake at night thinking, something that I relate with and will turn … Continue reading Interview with Maria Romero