Successful Wom*n: Photographer and Artist, Rachel King

Rachel King is an artist based in Baltimore, MD. While being co-founder of Mother Muse Co, she also works as a photographer, is owner and designer of jewelry and wall hanging business, EaarthBones, and teaching artist in Baltimore City. Her work aims to create a connecting bridge for people to understand how we are all … Continue reading Successful Wom*n: Photographer and Artist, Rachel King


Successful Wom*n: Artist, Claudia Sbrissa

We had the pleasure to speak with Claudia Sbrissa, visual artist, working with issues of identity and culture, and her engagement with materials, as well as art and design professor at St. John's University. Claudia was born in Canada and now has been living in New York City for over 15 years with her husband. We (Kirra and Rachel) have both had the pleasure to have Claudia Sbrissa as both professor and mentor. Claudia speaks with us on how her family and culture have influenced her career and what success means to her. 

Love Your Home Journal: Sam Parlato

September 19-29 2017 Barcelona & El Perello, Spain Home. What is the definition of home? What does the word home mean to you? I am currently in flight, sitting next to my boyfriend, Jimmy, coming back from Spain to New York...where we live, so we might call that home. Neither of us had ever been … Continue reading Love Your Home Journal: Sam Parlato

Summer Travel Journal: Alabama

  This was a trip of firsts for me. Although I had been to Alabama a few years prior, had done the drive, had a feeling for the place - this seemed different. It was the trip that gave me motherhood. "We must be willing to let go of the life we had planned, so … Continue reading Summer Travel Journal: Alabama

Summer Travel Journal: Costa Rica

  Hiking Cerro Chirripó Cerro Chirripó is the highest mountain peak in Costa Rica. Although it is only 3820 meters above sea level, the hike up there is a little bit tough. The 20 km uphill are usually divided in a two day hike, where people rest at a shelter located 14.5 km from the … Continue reading Summer Travel Journal: Costa Rica