Summer Travel Journal: Maryland

Gathering and Growing: An Herb Journey It was on a frigid spring day that I saw, tucked into the corner of a bulletin board, a flyer advertising a festival in late summer: The Chesapeake Herb Gathering. My interest in plants had been steadily growing over the last year. In my youth, I had enjoyed the … Continue reading Summer Travel Journal: Maryland


Summer Travel Journal: Alabama

  This was a trip of firsts for me. Although I had been to Alabama a few years prior, had done the drive, had a feeling for the place - this seemed different. It was the trip that gave me motherhood. "We must be willing to let go of the life we had planned, so … Continue reading Summer Travel Journal: Alabama

Summer Travel Journal: Costa Rica

  Hiking Cerro ChirripĆ³ Cerro ChirripĆ³ is the highest mountain peak in Costa Rica. Although it is only 3820 meters above sea level, the hike up there is a little bit tough. The 20 km uphill are usually divided in a two day hike, where people rest at a shelter located 14.5 km from the … Continue reading Summer Travel Journal: Costa Rica

Summer Travel Journal: Colorado

Mountain Energy You can feel the energy. It's above you, you're standing on it, it's surrounding and engulfing you. You stand on the edge of a cliff looking over the 10,000 feet of mountain you just climbed, searching for a view that doesn't make you feel small. You fail. Your frequency is starting to match … Continue reading Summer Travel Journal: Colorado