Summer Travel Journal: Colorado

Mountain Energy

You can feel the energy. It’s above you, you’re standing on it, it’s surrounding and engulfing you. You stand on the edge of a cliff looking over the 10,000 feet of mountain you just climbed, searching for a view that doesn’t make you feel small. You fail.

Your frequency is starting to match the frequency of this place. It’s electric and you know everyone else feels it too. It’s a calm electricity. Quietly buzzing and circulating around your head, inspiring thoughts that are almost too quick to catch. You’re afraid if you don’t soak up every feeling and every emotion you have on this rock, you’ll miss it all. But that’s impossible. You know that you were put on this certain piece of land of mama earth so you can feel what you are feeling at this moment. You cannot deny that this is your new reality.

I came home with bags of crystals, still feeling that same energy. Not sure if it was the memories of that place or the gemstones I carried home that brought with them their indigenous energy. I woke up every morning, excited to work on my newest piece, feeling like every single twist of the copper wire and crystal placement was the correct choice and only wanting to make more. I was chasing a high of a memory and my scrapbook became my work. Instead of hoops for a dreamcatcher, I saw snow covered mountains, enlaced in turquoise. Instead of citrine points, I saw the tall peaks of the Garden of the Gods. Pyrite was not “fool’s gold” to me, but the visualization of the electricity I felt while taking in mountainous landscapes. It seemed so natural to, this way of living and thinking. Like I always had this energy in myself, and only now was I given the tools to use it.

I did not grow up in the mountains, rather on the outskirts of the tumultuous city of Baltimore, yet they still call to me. Maybe it’s the Capricorn in me, but the ground gives me my energy, pulling me to unearth the secrets and truths it holds. I remember when I was little, I would never wear shoes in the summer, to my mother’s dismay, simply to feel the overwhelming energy living in the ground. The current would connect to the soles of my feet, and race up my entire body, until it reached my head, swimming in a pool of thoughts and life. I always knew it was real, even if no one around me spoke of the magic.

I also remember the magic I was eager to catch in my grandmother’s woods. She would tell me stories of fairies and energy, and maybe if I looked close enough at the “fairy tree”, I would spot a mystical winged being. I’m not sure if I just wished to see one so badly or felt the energy of the tree, but when I was about 5 years old, I was convinced I saw one of those mystical beings, covered in a yellow dress, as small as my thumb. Decades later, I still try to catch something again moving in my favorite tree. Or a fairy home nestled in my grandmother’s back woods.

It’s this type of energy that I felt in Colorado. You can’t really describe it. Maybe only through stories like the ones I told. Maybe it can never be spoken about until you feel it yourself. The only thing I do know for sure is that our earth’s energy is real and it is beautiful.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 11.37.36 PMPhotographer, Creator, and Co-Founder of Mother Muse Co, Rachel King, starts off our first Summer Travel Journal for this season with her recent experience in Colorado. She speaks on how it not only affected her future creative practice, but brought up memories from her childhood. You can see more of her work + get in touch with her with the following links: // IG: rachelvkingphotography // IG: eaarthbones


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